Beyond Cookies Strategy – Workshops and Strategy Development

Strategic Challenges and Action Scenarios for Advertisers and Publishers


How will advertising work in the Post-cookie Era? After Google announced that the ”sunset” of the third-party cookies in Chrome by 2022 (referred to as “the death of the third-party cookie”), the industry is left behind without knowing how online advertising will look like “beyond cookies” – with regards to technology, data, and overall monetization.

vonwerschpartner provides guidance, knowledge building and operational strategy development expertise in this period of uncertainty. – We are consulting our clients from the media and advertising industry to develop the best concept to withstand the future challenges, and implement the best technology setup.


vonwerschpartner works WITH the organizations, not on top of them, ensuring that the internal experts have all the material and knowledge in place to pursue the paths that have been developed in our projects. Through our in-depth knowledge of the global technology developments in Adtech, we will help you prepare for these uncertain future scenarios, based on what we know today.

  • Industry Study: On behalf of the two largest industry initiatives, we conducted a study in which we spoke to many market partners across the industry and made a survey with the aim of building in-depth knowledge and generating a market overview of what the world „beyond cookies“ looks like.
  • Workshop: „Strategic Challenges and Action Scenarios for Advertisers and Publishers“ – Survey and analysis of current developments on the topics cookies/ tracking/ targeting and their strategic implications for the digital advertising business; approx. 3hrs. 
  • Strategic Process Development: Putting knowledge into practice – Helping a major publisher to prepare for a cookieless world in terms of a broader strategic project in which both, the business scenarios for online advertising ‚Beyond Cookies‘, and concepts for topics such as 1st party data, user login and contextual advertising are to be developed.


The aim of our workshops, and strategy development projects is to provide an understanding of the current developments in the thematic area of cookies, tracking, targeting and to analyze their strategic implications for the digital advertising business. On this basis, individual recommendations for taking action for advertisers/ publishers will be developed.

Our projects focus on the complex framework of market-strategic, regulatory and technological aspects – since the current situation can only be „unravelled“ when linking strategy, law and an understanding of products and technology.