Coalition for Better Ads

Representing Coalition for Better Ads in Europe

Advertising helps support valuable free content, robust journalism and social connections across the internet. Consumers, however, are increasingly frustrated with ads that disrupt their experience, interrupt content and slow browsing. Leading international trade associations and companies involved in online media formed the Coalition for Better Ads to improve consumers’ experience with online advertising. The Coalition for Better Ads will leverage consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.

Main Goals

Research – Approving and executing research on Better Ads Standards as well as deciding on what the future research priorities for the Coalition will be.

Better Ads Standards – Announcing and rolling out the Better Ads Standards for Desktop Web and Mobile Web globally as well as announcing Standards for Short Form Video.

Outreach – Broadening our reach globally both directly by engaging with interested companies around the world as well as via partnerships with the trade bodies that represent the industry in local markets.

Impact – Measuring the impact of the work the Coalition has done to date as well as creating a schedule to continue to measure that impact in the future

What we do

vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies represents the company in Europe, especially in its local relationships with key stakeholders from the industry, strategic communication activities, and involvement of regional players opinions into the overall research process. Oliver von Wersch also co-chairs the organization’s research subcommittee