IAB Tech Lab

Representing IAB Tech Lab in Europe

IAB Tech Lab is a non-profit consortium that develops and provides technical standards, software, and services to drive growth of an effective and sustainable global digital media ecosystem that also benefits consumers. Tech Lab works with the industry at large to develop guidelines, write specs, develop technology and provide services in an effort to bring alignment and standardization to help the industry to grow.

Key Topics

Brand Safety & Ad Fraud

IAB Tech Lab Standards help to ensure ads are:
• Viewable
• Showed on the intended publisher sites
• Shown to real humans
• Displayed alongside safe content

Identity, data and consumer privacy

IAB Tech Lab helps the industry with open standards and transparency mechanisms:
• Responsible, respectful, and transparent use of consumer data with clear and consistent data labeling
• Technical solutions to support compliance with relevant privacy laws and regulations
• Business best practices to honor consumer choice and preferences across the digital supply chain

Ad experiences and measurement

IAB Tech Lab standards help to drive consistent ad delivery and measurement:
• Ads that are light, non-invasive, and non-disruptive for a good user experience
• Addressable media allowing advertisers to reach qualified audiences across all digital touch points and to provide value to
the consumer
• Consistent ad measurement to maintain trust and ad effectiveness

Programmatic effectiveness

IAB Tech Lab provides the core standards enabling efficient integration of programmatic buying and selling systems:
• Authenticated impressions in a brand-safe environment
• Supply chain transparency and control for optimized campaigns
• Efficient auctioning mechanisms and standards for real-time bidding

What we do

vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies represent IAB Tech Lab in Europe, with a dedicated staff of 3 people. We support the client in building up and extending long-term market relationships, e.g. with local IABs, develop strategic cooperations, represent the client on local events through panels and speeches, and support the engagement of (new) members.

Since the beginning of our mandate, we have significantly increased the awareness for Tech Lab’s activities in Europe, and improved the actives involvement of European companies, and other entities into the technology development processes (e.g. Project Rearc).

European communication groups

vonwerschpartner is running the European communication groups of behalf of IAB Tech Lab with the key objectives to improve the supply of information to the European markets concerning the discussions and results of the Tech Lab activities (especially the working groups). This refers to the following topics: 

Audio and Video

Brand Safety and Ad Fraud

Ad Experience, Measurement and Attribution