is a digital strategy consultancy with a strong focus on products and their monetisation.

With our extensive experience in the digital space, we ensure your digital success. And solve complex challenges.

What we do…

We think big, and work lean. We’re there to support you in your projects with our strategic knowledge, and operative excellence. Whether it be a workshop for initiating new approaches or mindsets, projects for process changes or new monetization strategies – we are focused on helping you with our services to solve whatever challenge you are confronted with at the time.

Product Strategies

We help transforming innovation into business through finding the best product decisions. No matter if you want to reinvent your brand in digital, or improve your mobile solutions.

Monetisation Strategies

We understand where the revenue sources are, and how digital advertising works. No matter if you are reviewing your adtech setup, or think about a native advertising strategy.

Strategic Market Communication

We understand complex technological contexts and communicate them to stakeholders and market partners. No matter if you want repositioning yourself or enter foreign markets.

Competitive Strategies

We predict how the digital landscape changes, and how platforms could be handled. No matter if you just want to increase your social media reach, or review your distributed content strategy.

Data Strategies

We analyse data potential, and assist you in finding the smartest approach. No matter if you are worried about data regulation policies, or subscription processes.

Case Studies

Introducing result-based approaches for our clients in the media industry. Find out about what we did so far:

Beyond Cookies

Challenges and scenarios for Publisher & Advertisier

Strategic Analysis

Analysis of digital ad-sale business

Consent Management

Assistant in selection process and implementation

Coalition for Better Ads

Making Ads better for everyone!

IAB Tech Lab

Representing IAB Tech Lab in Europe

Who we are

Our team consists of highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate and dedicated to our clients
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We cover topics that are the subject of discussion throughout the media industry.
Have a look at what we have to say and think about it.
Frequent press coverage included.

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Fake ad traffic dips 90% in channels signed up to anti-fraud project, says TAG

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Online Advertising in the Post-Cookie Era – complete study for download

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European netID Foundation commits support for Project Rearc with IAB Tech Lab

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